Beaten Abaca

Beaten Abaca


A brand new thing around here. Interested in working with the same Abaca fiber that I use in my own papermaking? Initially designed to accompany the Beginner’s Papermaking Collection and learning experience, I have decided to offer my own fiber beating service to those interested in experiencing a Hollander beaten Abaca pulp.

You will receive 2 lbs (dry weight) of beaten Unbleached Abaca that has most of the water strained out. The pulp will arrive in a Priority Mail box, in a heavy duty plastic bag. You will need to source your own 5 gallon buckets (at least 2) to rehydrate the pulp for papermaking purposes. A mixing blade and drill is also very useful to agitate and rehydrate the fibers.

Pulp will be beaten in the same way that I prepare my own Abaca fiber, in my Mark Lander Hollander beater for 1.5 hrs. No sizing will be added. You will need to add your own sizing to the pulp if you plan to use your papers for calligraphy or ink and paint projects.

Please allow up to 2 weeks for shipping.

**Also, please keep in mind that beaten pulp has a fairly short shelf-life. You’ll want to use your pulp as soon as it arrives, or shortly after, to ensure that it doesn’t spoil too soon (it starts to smell bad within a week). Keep your pulp refrigerated if not using it immediately.

Check out the full papermaking kit if you’re interested in more, or purchase just the tutorial to gain further insight into the papermaking process.

***Please note, I am hesitant to offer this service to international customers due to shipping costs, timelines, and customs requirements. If you are interested, please email me at to discuss details.

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