Beginners Papermaking Collection

Beginners Papermaking Collection


Yes, sadly these kits are currently sold out, but I am working away on a new collection of mould and deckles in various sizes, while also strengthening the tutorial experience. Keep an eye on my instagram, or get on the Updates list to be the first to know when they are available!


This collection will basically get your hands wet, so to speak, and set you off in the right direction in the world of papermaking (and definitely in style).

With this collection, you will receive:

-  11 x 14'' Handcrafted Mould and Deckle

- 1 lb of Cooked Thai Kozo (approximately 24 finished sheets)

- Square Beech Mallet (not pictured. Due to supply issues, the shape and design of the mallet is different than the one photographed)

- Medium Size Vat 

- 10 Heavyweight Polyester Felts

- 5ml Bottle of Formation Aid Powder

- 10ml Bottle of Sizing

- A SECRET PASSWORD to access exclusive tutorial materials on my website


A little bit about the handcrafted mould and deckle: We designed this first version to be a luxurious beginners mould. Unlike most student moulds, which are flush mount, the deckle (top frame) fits nicely over the mould (screen portion) for a comfortable, slip free fit while sheet forming. The beautiful painted plywood construction is strengthened and completely waterproofed with a thick coating of epoxy, and buffed to a gorgeous sheen. A simple, yet stylish papermakers tool. 

I will go into further detail about the contents of this kit in the password protected tutorial that will get you started on your papermaking journey. To give you an extra head start, I've included a WHOLE POUND of Thai Kozo, already pre-cooked and washed by me! A helluva time saver for you. I'll even talk you through a few different ways to add interesting inclusions or color to the fibers for a truly unique batch of paper. Plus, I'll outline the cooking process, so that you can do it yourself in the future. 

This kit is MADE TO ORDER. Please allow atleast 6-8 weeks for production, though I'll try to get them out as quickly as possible. Thank you for your patience! I'll send over the secret password after purchase, in case you want to get a head start on learning. 


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