Cooked Kozo

Cooked Kozo


Introducing, cooked and cleaned Thai Kozo!

Now available as a special “add on” component to the new edition of my Beginner’s Papermaking Collection. Don’t worry, it is also available to those not interested in purchasing the entire kit! Since the new edition comes with 1 lb of RAW Thai Kozo (with detailed instructions on how to cook and clean it), I wanted to offer another option for those who are unable or unwilling to cook their own kozo fibers. This will be a first come, first serve, kind of project, and will ship at the same time as the kit. Please keep in mind that ordering cooked Kozo means that you will need to use the fibers and make paper as soon as it arrives, or shortly thereafter. While the kozo will keep for a few weeks in a refrigerator, it will eventually start to turn bad (moldy and smelly). This is the main reason why it is no longer included in the kit.

Also note that the kozo has been cooked and partially cleaned, which means it will require further rinsing and removal of bark bits and impurities, before beating by hand.

You will receive 2 lbs of kozo (dry weight) that has been cooked for 2.5 hours with 8oz of soda ash. Give it a good rinse, and start beating the fibers with a mallet to turn it into a pulpy mush for papermaking. Check out my tutorial (comes with the Beginner’s Papermaking Kit) for further information. Tutorial also available separately for those not interested in the entire kit experience.

Please allow at least 2 weeks for the cooking and cleaning process after purchase.

Must keep refrigerated until use.

***Please note, I am hesitant to offer this service to international customers due to shipping costs, timelines, and customs requirements. If you are interested, please email me at to discuss details.

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