Limited Edition Vessel Lamp // Tall

Limited Edition Vessel Lamp // Tall


The third of a limited edition of Vessel Lamps completely made in Maine. Working closely with glass blowers at Tandem Glass of Dresden, Maine, I designed three new vessel lamp variations with exquisite handblown glass bases. The ultimate version of the handmade paper and glass Vessel Lamp collection, combining the illumination of space with a minimal, sculptural, and functional form. Completely handcrafted.

A vessel of light. Hand forged from steel, and enveloped in bright white
handmade kozo paper. A dual purpose lighting design, composed of two main elements; the clear glass vessel, and the uniquely designed handmade lampshade. The lampshade perches atop the glass base with rubber coated feet holding it in place. Fill the glass base with whatever may inspire you, or leave it empty and simply enjoy the light.

Inside the lampshade a satin nickel plated socket bears the light, with six foot long cloth covered cord snaking out from the side. The inline switch controls the light, and the cord ends with a stylish white plug.

Approximately 18'' tall, and 8'' wide.

High quality 10 watt (60 watt replacement) LED light bulb included.

Only eight of a kind.

Ready to ship.

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