Merlot Abaca // Large & 4Bar

Merlot Abaca // Large & 4Bar

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Sometimes I have to make a batch just for myself. Meaning, I just wanted to experiment with luscious and moody red. This is still a color that I am perfecting, but man oh man, is this batch sexy. A transfixing maroon color that shifts from red to purple. A lovely Merlot.

Consistency and quality are important to me, and I feel like I must tell you that while this batch is an absolutely beautiful color, my new mixing blade contaminated the pulp with tiny plastic shavings which unfortunately are present in almost every sheet. Probably something most people wouldn’t notice, but I don’t feel comfortable selling them at full price. So stock up and experiment, too?

Medium weight.

12 x 18’’ sheets or packs of 10 4 Bar sheets.

Internally sized to accept ink.

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