The Wild Ones // Cream

The Wild Ones // Cream


Sometimes those sheets of pulp just won’t stay still. The “wild ones” push and pull as they dry, creating that lovely rumple along the surface of the paper. Now, I prefer that my rumples stay along the edge of my sheets, leaving the middle smooth for writing… but these beauties just wouldn’t submit to those demands. Sure, they might be considered “seconds”, with rumples too wild to tame, and an unplanned inclusion here and there, but they are still gorgeous canvases for your creativity.

One bundle has approximately one 12 x 18’’ sheet, three 11 x 14’’, eight 8.5 x 11’’, five 7 x 7’’, five 5 3/4 x 8 3/4’’, ten A7, ten A6, and ten business card size pieces.

Internally sized to accept ink.

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