A fibrous alchemist of sorts, Stephanie Hare is the woman behind SHare Studios, a papermill exploring the techniques and nuances of hand papermaking in the contemporary realm. Processing the fibers entirely by hand in her small Philadelphia studio she is currently creating a collection of handmade paper products with a focus on minimalist and sculptural lighting solutions, as well as producing a wide variety of artist-grade papers in earthy neutrals, and dark pigmented jewel tones. The magic of her home state of Maine is quite obviously apparent in her work. The coastal spray on the rocks of Schoodic Point inspire the frothy blues of her Ocean blends, and dark pigmented papers. The rolling blueberry fields of her home base provide endless inspiration as the seasons change. From the bright whites of Winter snow, to the deep greens and blues of the wild blueberry harvest, to the pinks of a perfect pale summer sunset, to the dramatic transformation of Autumn induced rust and merlot steeped foliage. The inspiration is endless. But alas, Love has led her out of rural Maine for an adventure in Philadelphia. Don't worry. She’ll be back. but until then, there is paper to be made, and spaces to illuminate. 

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photos by  wylde photography
photo by wylde photography

Interested in reading a bit more about me? I've done a few interviews over the years talking about my work and love for handmade paper. However embarrassing, it is also quite flattering that there are people out there interested in my simple life. I am happy to share it with you.

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