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pAPERMAKING: a fibrous alchemy

The process behind this collection of handmade stationery begins with the long kozo fibers harvested from the Paper Mulberry, and Abaca plant . Entirely by hand, the fibers undergo a transformation of reverence. They are cooked and cleaned, and beaten in a hollander beater before preparing for pigmentation. The fibers are blended with a colorful variety of lightfast pigments and suspended in a vat filled with water. put into motion with the swirl of the hand, the long fibers are churned into the mix, as the vat morphs into a new kinetic composition. A dip of the mould and deckle below the surface swiftly collects a sheet of pulp as the water shimmies back in to the vat. The sheet is then pressed and dried. A quick sort, trim, and fold of the the finished paper, and the final transformation is complete. The pages wait for your words.


I take a lot of process photos, to say the least. If you follow my instagram, you know. SO, I’ve edited down a few of my all time favorites over the last few years, in no particular order (because who has time for that, when there is so much paper to be made?). Every batch is unique, as well as the ways to capture it’s process. That’s half the fun for me. Someday I’ll flesh out this ‘process page’ a little bit better, but until then, enjoy these pulpy hands.