Magnetic Mould and Deckle // MADE TO ORDER

Magnetic Mould and Deckle // MADE TO ORDER

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Heads up! I have ONE 6 x 8’’ mould and deckle ready to ship!

My new magnetic mould and deckle design is ready to work for you. Heavily coated in marine epoxy, each piece (mould and deckle) is buffed to a super smooth finish, and fitted with tiny magnets to gently hold the deckle in place on top of the mould. (Can I trademark that idea? I’ve never seen anyone add a magnet detail to student mould and deckles…) Anyways... The basic “student” mould design (flush mount) is truly elevated to a luxurious and long lasting papermaking tool with that magnetic detail. Pretty brilliant, if I do say so myself… The poly screen is heat shrinkable, and very durable. Pulp just slides off of like a dream, and the thick epoxy edge along the mould gives a beautiful crisp edge to each sheet. Such a joy to use.

I don’t have any specific photos to share of each size yet, but the design will look very similar to the one photographed.

Now offering sizes: 6 x 8’’, 8.5 x 11’’, 11 x 14’’

MADE TO ORDER. Please allow 6-8 weeks for production, due to that lengthy (but so worth it) epoxy process. Patience is appreciated :)

I’m so happy to share my favorite tool with you.

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